ON YOUR INITIAL SERVICE - A-Plus Pest Control, will conduct an intensive and detailed treatment of the interior/exterior of your home, targeting and eliminating pest where they live and breed. We will remove spider webs, paper wasp nests, and mud dauber nests up to 15 feet from the ground.
EACH ADDITIONAL QUARTER - A-Plus Pest Control, will schedule a visit with you, to thoroughly inspect and treat the outside of your home and provide an effective barrier against general household pests trying to enter your home. If pests return in between service calls, so will A-Plus Pest Control, and we will take care of the target pest at no additional cost to you.


Interior Protection

How do we protect the interior of your home from pests?

 • Treat around plumbing areas
 • Apply cockroach bait in kitchen/bathrooms as needed
 • Spray non-repellent residuals
 • Treat for silverfish as needed.
 • Bait for ants needed
 • Remove spider webs 
 • Inspect attic for pest activity
 • Treat inside garage
 • Inspect for stored product pest
 • Inspect for rodents and other pest.

Exterior Protection

How do we protect the exterior of your home from pests?

• Sweep down spider webs, wasp nests and mud dauber nests
• Treat around windows and doors
• Treat cracks and weep holes
• Treat 30 feet out from house 
• Treat fire ants30 feet out from house
• Treat perimeter of storage sheds in yard
• Treat mulch areas
• Inspect for pest entry points
• Offer exclusion control, to eliminate these entry points